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Amerigo Education partners with the Top American High Schools to offer international students an incredible study abroad opportunity.

At Amerigo, students can pursue a college prep education, while taking part in extracurriculars, exploring their communities and making lifelong friends.

Why study abroad in America

Why study in America?

American high schools offer students a vibrant, diverse experience with incredible course offerings, sports, clubs and activities. The United States is also home to some of the best universities in the world, making it a great place to be a high school student. Our schools across the U.S. offer a uniquely American experience for international students!

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The American Student Experience

At our Amerigo partner schools in the US, international students looking to study in the United States are immediately welcomed into the school community, attending classes, joining clubs and enjoying classic American high school traditions like prom and pep rallies.

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During my time at Amerigo and Justin-Siena High School, I really enjoyed meeting new people. That was definitely my favorite part – learning new cultures and hanging out with new people.




Why study abroad in US high schools

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Why study in America
Amerigo USA Schools

Amerigo has schools across the US including New York, California and Washington DC.

Study in the USA FAQ’s

Why study in America?

The US is the #1 study abroad destination in the world for international students, and for good reason. The American education system is one of the top in the world, and is home to half of the Top 50 Ranked Global Universities. Additionally, America’s vibrant culture, natural beauty and wealth of opportunities provides students with incredible resources as they study in the United States.

Studying abroad at an American private high school prepares students for the rigorous application process to study at a top U.S. university and provides them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

How much does it cost to study in the USA?

Amerigo has partnerships with top private U.S. high schools, which include a range of different price points. Click here to learn more about Amerigo’s application process for top American private high schools.

Do US international students live in homestay or residences?

At Amerigo’s American partner schools, students have both homestay and residential options available. Both options provide international students looking to study in the United States with the opportunity to attend a top American high school, while also living in a safe, supportive, welcoming community.  

Where can I study abroad in the US?

Amerigo is proud to offer a wide range of study abroad locations for international high school students looking to study in the US. With high schools in New York, Chicago, California and more, there’s truly something for every type of student. Click here to see where our partner schools are located.

How can I apply to study in the US?