Become a Host Family with Amerigo!

Host Families are the backbone of a student’s successful experience abroad.

Amerigo Education host family program

Amerigo is dedicated to finding families that can make our students feel safe and supported.

A key quality of a host is flexibility to a student’s unique needs, interests and understanding of the adjustment to life abroad. Students are looking for a comfortable, welcoming environment for their study abroad experience!

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Host Students

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Enrolled for one semester or a full school year

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Range from 14 to 18 years old

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Have basic English skills or better

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Come from all over the world!

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Host Families’ Responsibilities

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Assistance with language and schoolwork

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Clean, well-kept home

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Basic furnishings


What happens if a student has a medical issue or emergency?

We ask that you assess the level of intervention needed and proceed accordingly. The student has access to virtual doctors, walk-in clinics, 24/7 mental health care and emergency hospital care. Both insurance and our own staff will help guide you. All students are provided with comprehensive private health insurance. If there is a health concern or crisis,

Who pays for things like movies or bus tickets?

The student is responsible for his/her own personal leisure expenses like public transportation or recreational events. You are always welcome to treat the student to an outing with your family!

What happens when our family takes a vacation?

Should your family travel during the school year, there are several options for your host student, and we will support you in finding a solution for him or her. You may invite the student to join your family and pay his/her own way. The student may book their own travel, back home or otherwise. Alternatively, we can also find a temporary homestay for your student during the time you are away.

How long does a host family host a student?

Students attend school on-campus for the entirety of the academic year, typically from late August until mid-June, and will often return for multiple years. We understand that family interests and circumstances may vary and we would be happy to discuss creative options.

What if things don’t work out?

Creating and nurturing a satisfying experience for both families and students is our prime objective. Like any family, minor issues may crop up and we hope that these would be resolved with open communication and mutual trust between the student and our hosts. Our Homestay Student Success Manager is a dedicated member of our team who can guide or intervene in situations as necessary. If the situation is serious or beyond resolution, we will work with both the student and your family to resolve it speedily, including moving the student to another homestay where necessary.

Can our family choose the student we host?

Extensive analysis for both parties helps us ensure a good “match” within certain limitations, like number of students. You will be presented with a student profile and provide us with your blessing before any student is placed with you. We want our host families to have the most possible input on who stays in their home.