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At Amerigo’s Canadian Partner Schools, international students have the opportunity to study at top Canadian High Schools, while receiving the support they need to achieve the university outcomes.

Why study in Canada

Why study in Canada?

Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students, and for good reason! Canadian high schools offer students robust academics and welcoming environments - all while preparing students for top universities. Our schools in Canada offer students many opportunities to get involved in the school culture and have a traditional Canadian high school experience.

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The Canadian Student Experience

Our international students in Canada spend their school days taking part in interesting, rigorous courses and joining in with school athletics and extracurriculars. On the weekends, they spend time with their friends and explore their new community.

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Study in Canada FAQ’s

Why study in Canada?

One of the most desired study abroad destinations in the world, there are countless reasons to study in Canada. Canada offers international students a high quality of life, a world-class education system, natural beauty and relatively easy visa requirements. Studying high school in Canada sets students up for a lifetime of success, preparing them for Canada’s top universities and for the opportunity to work in the country post-graduation.

How much does it cost to study in Canada?

International students in Canada can pursue an affordable, world-class education. Click here to learn more about Amerigo’s application process for Canadian private high schools.

Where do Canadian international students live?

At Amerigo’s Canadian partner schools, students have both homestay and on-campus residence options available. Both options provide international students with the opportunity to study at a top Canadian high school, while also living in a safe, supportive, welcoming community.  

Where can I study abroad in Canada?

Amerigo is proud to offer a wide range of study abroad options for international high school students looking to study in Canada.  Click here to see where our partner schools are located.

How can I apply to study in Canada?