University Preparation Programs

University Preparation Programs work closely with the Guidance and Advising Department at each of our partner high schools, addressing the unique needs of international students and ensuring they're on track for university.

Amerigo University Preparation Programs

Amerigo International Student Graduate Outcomes

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of University Advantage students who applied were admitted to Top 100 Nationally Ranked Universities

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of graduates received acceptances into a Top 50 U.S. university

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Amerigo graduates received acceptances to a Top 100 U.S. university

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four-year scholarship average for graduating Amerigo scholarship recipients

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of Honors Track students were accepted to Top 30 Universities

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university acceptances per student on average

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A perfect ACT score was achieved by an Amerigo student (only 0.2% of test takers receive this!)

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Amerigo believes that our ESL program, paired with the rigorous academic courses and robust extracurricular programming at our partner schools, is unmatched in the industry for our ability to create results that matter to our students and families.



Vice President of Academics

Katie Vice President of Academics

The Amerigo University Advising Programs Include:

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University Planning

The program includes annual advising that prepares for students for competitive admission.

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Amerigo Honors Track Program

An invitation-only university preparation program offered to top-performing students.

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Individualized Parent Consultations

Parents have access to advising sessions and university planning webinars.

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Standard University Advising

International homestay students who do not enroll in the University Advantage Program can take part in the school’s standard university counseling services and the University Advantage Online Program.

Academic Advising

Our wide range of academic advising programs keep students on track for graduation.

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Pre-Arrival Course Planning

Students meet with our Academic Advising Team before they even arrive on campus.

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Pre-Requisite Accelerator*

High-achieving students can take pre-requisite courses over the summer to help them gain admittance to AP, Honors and Dual Credit Courses.

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Advanced Coursework and Yearly Academic Planning

Our Academic Advisors meet with new and returning students to create an academic plan for the year ahead.

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Parent Consultations

Parents are welcome to organize consultations with staff to address their student’s academic goals and needs. Consultations are available in several languages.

*Not available at all schools. Please contact for more information.

Additional ways we support international students’ success include:

University webinars

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December 15, 2023
7am EST
How Amerigo Prepares Students for Majors in Business
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January 12, 2024
12pm EST
Understanding Your Child's Academic Strength (For Homestay Students)
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February 7, 2024
12pm EST
Making Your Child's Summer Meaningful (For Boarding and Homestay Students)
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February 8, 2024
7pm EST
Essay Workshop For Juniors