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No matter what an international student is looking for in their high school study abroad experience, Amerigo has a school option for them.

In partnership with top private schools across North America, our international students have access to robust academic offerings and extracurriculars, all in welcoming environments.

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Amerigo high schools in the US and Canada

Amerigo Signature Program

Through Amerigo’s Signature Program, international students looking to study in the United States and Canada receive everything they need to excel in their study abroad experience.

What the Program includes:

In Amerigo’s Signature Program, students receive a comprehensive program with additional support that empowers them to gain admission into a top-quality university.

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English language support

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Academic support

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University guidance

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Accommodation (both residential and homestay options)

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On-campus International Departments

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Studying abroad has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in my life so far. I really enjoyed all of the experiences that I could have as an international student. I loved being part of such a diverse community, because it helped me grow up and be wise and open. I also enjoyed weekend activities! They were always so refreshing to me.



Bishop Montgomery High School '22

Sakura Bishop Montgomery High School '22

Amerigo Select Schools

Through Amerigo’s Select Program, top-performing, academically strong international students can attend some of the most highly-ranked American and Canadian private high schools.

Amerigo Select schools are a particularly good fit for competitive international students aiming to attend top global universities.

International students who are interested in Amerigo Select schools apply through a competitive application process, in which they must demonstrate high levels of academic and English language abilities, as well as independence.

All accommodation options are arranged through the school or partner.

Amerigo Select Schools

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Amerigo top high schools in the US and Canada