March 4, 2024


Amerigo Students Reflect on English Language Learning Courses

International students from Bishop Montgomery High School celebrate their incredible growth through Amerigo’s ARC program.

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Amerigo’s Signature Campuses in the US* offer students a robust English Language Learning program called ARC (Academic Reading and Composition).

Taught across four distinct proficiency levels, ARC classes give students a robust understanding of English academic reading and writing, preparing students to succeed in high school, university and beyond.  

Each semester, Keira Mung, Senior English Language Learning Teacher at Bishop Montgomery High School, has her ARC Foundation, ARC 1 and ARC 2 students write reflections about the Amerigo program and their time studying abroad. Although many of these students come into the program with low English proficiency skills, they make incredible process over the course of their first semester and first year with Amerigo. Their English skills - as well as their confidence - are reflected in the statements.

Read on to hear from our students and to learn more about Keira’s teaching philosophy.  

A reflection from an ARC Foundations student from BMHS 

Keira has been with the Amerigo since 2019, having previously taught English in Hong Kong and South Korea. Keira’s approach to teaching is to make it relevant for students – while also keeping it fun and engaging. In addition to academic reading and writing, she also spends the class teaching students real-life skills, including how to share opinions, take part in discussions and give presentations. She keeps students excited by including topics that students are always interested in – including social media, high school life, and even Marvel superheroes.

A reflection from an ARC 1 student at BMHS 

“Classes are engaging by using various methods of practicing English,” she explained. “Within one class period, students may be commenting on a forum post to discuss a topic, sharing aloud with a partner, and completing an interactive listening activity.” 

A reflection from an ARC 1 student at BMHS 

Keira has a passion both for teaching English and for working with international students.

“My favorite part about working with international students is how I can see a student grow leaps and bounds in not only their English speaking or writing abilities, but also in their confidence in themselves and their ability to connect to the school community,” she said. “I see their ability to express and voice their passions and opinions in unique ways.”

A reflection from an ARC 2 student at BMHS 

Throughout her 5 years at Amerigo, Keira has seen first-hand the difference that the Amerigo program makes in students’ lives, as well as the top-tier level of support that students receive.  

“The Amerigo program is an all-inclusive support system in which students have mentors and support in different areas of their school lives – the campus staff at home (if they live in a dorm) or host parents (for those in homestay) and the Amerigo teachers at school, as well as regular high school teachers and coaches” she said.

Keira added that, through Amerigo, students have the opportunity to explore their interests, while also getting support in academics, English and acclimating to the culture. 

“This multifaceted approach allows students to feel provided for while at the same time, having room to be independent and grow into their own person.”

A reflection from an ARC 2 student at BMHS 

Throughout her time at Amerigo, Keira continues to be impressed by our international students.

“It’s mind-boggling to see how intelligent, resilient, and adaptable these young humans are that they can move to a new country on their own and in a way, start a new life,” she said. “I see them overcome big challenges, partly due to the support they receive from their Amerigo classmates, school staff and Amerigo staff.”

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*All Amerigo campuses support students in English language learning. Actual course titles may vary based on each campus.