Host family placement

Once students choose to study in an Amerigo homestay program, they are often anxious to receive their host family placement. Here is what happens to ensure we make the best placements for our students and families.

Amerigo Homestay Placement Process

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May Recruit/Confirm Hosts for 2024-25 Year
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In May, our staff focuses on concluding the current school year while also preparing for the next. We engage with current Host Families to determine who will continue hosting and recruit new families to join our community.

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June Student Departures
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As the school year ends, 9th to 11th graders prepare for final assignments, and 12th graders look forward to graduation. This period involves emotional farewells between students and Host Families.

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Hosts eagerly await information about their new students, and initial matching begins based on available data.

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July Begin Matching and Placement Process
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In July, our Homestay team meticulously analyzes incoming student information, including applications, English proficiency, preferences, hobbies, and country of origin, to ensure optimal placement.

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Information about Host Families, such as household members, pets, and preferences, is also considered. Our goal is to create excellent matches between Hosts and students.

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Depending on arrival dates, placements may be communicated in July or August. Amerigo aims to notify students three weeks before their arrival.

July and August Placement Season
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Prepare for an incredible international education experience with an Amerigo Host Family!

Placement Profiles Sent

Location3 Weeks Out
Ambassador Christian School7/13
Carmel Catholic High School7/16
Mater Dei High School 7/17
Bishop Montgomery High School7/23
Villanova College 7/28
Regent Christian Academy8/03
Saint Anthony's High School8/07
Saint John’s High School 8/13

Arrival Schedule for New Students

LocationArrival Date
(New Students)
Saint Anthony's High School8/28
Saint John’s High School 9/03
Villanova College 8/18
Regent Christian Academy8/24
Carmel Catholic High School8/06
Bishop Montgomery High School8/13
Ambassador Christian School8/03
Mater Dei High School 8/07

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