Host Family Life

Amerigo Signature students living in Homestay residences live in safe, welcoming homes close to their school. Students live alongside host families who are excited to share daily life and the local culture with international students.

Host families play a large part in students’ study abroad experience, as they provide and coordinate transportation, share meals together, support students in their English language learning and so much more.

Typical Schedule for a Homestay Student

6:45 AM Wake up and get ready for school
7:00 AM Eat breakfast with host family
7:30 AM The yellow school bus arrives to take the student to school
8:20 AM – 2:30 PM Classes and activities
2:30 PM Afterschool clubs & activities
5:30 PM Student takes the bus back to host family's house
6:30 PM Student hangs out with host family and spends quality time together
7:30 PM Eat dinner with host family
8:30 PM Homework time
10:00 PM Get ready for bed
10:30 PM Lights out
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I loved my time at Villanova as an Amerigo student, particularly because of my wonderful host family, who were attentive to my mental, physical, and emotional well-being. They ensured that I enjoyed the most enriching experience any international student could hope for in Canada.



Villanova College



Homestay Student
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Becoming a host family was an excellent decision that brought us a lifelong family member. Learning about our host student's culture, language, and way of life was interesting and eye-opening. We have gained as much from him as he has from us.



Saint Anthony's High School



Homestay Host Mother
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I would totally recommend living in a host family to any student who is thinking about it because I believe that in this way, you get to live the real American life experience and that is a really important part of coming to study in the U.S.



Saint Anthony’s High School



Homestay Student

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