Find out why the Amerigo Education residential program works! We help international students to thrive from the time of enrolling in our residential boarding school through attending university. These foundations of our program arise from our understanding of the many factors that contribute to preparing a child for success at the university level.


The Amerigo Success Framework

Student Well-Being

Students come first

Successful students are happy, healthy, confident, and well-supported students.

We define our success by the success of our students and have built our program for our students to thrive through both a transformative academic experience and a balanced, comfortable, and enriching life outside of the classroom.

Under the supervision of our experienced campus teams, students in the Amerigo program benefit from a residential and social atmosphere designed to maximize their development through our program and support them as they achieve their goals. Students reside in state-of-the-art facilities with professional dorm parents onsite, and enjoy a wide array of weekend activities, including sports and recreational activities, off-site excursions and immersion trips, community service, and various American cultural celebrations.

University Preparation

A premier preparatory education

Students receive the education and the guidance required to succeed at the college level and beyond.

Amerigo collaborates with our academic partners to ensure comprehensive support and oversight of standardized test preparation, university selection and matching, application planning and completion, and various programs that familiarize students with American universities as well as potential academic and career opportunities.

Additionally, Amerigo offers a fast track to admission for students through the Amerigo Promise, which entitles them to a conditional acceptance to our network of selective American universities.

Cultural Immersion

A unique approach to immersion

Students learn the ins-and-outs of America with structured support and mentorship.

We understand that a vital part of our students’ well-being and their success at the university level is a well-developed understanding of the culture and customs of the United States. Amerigo’s program offers structured support for understanding elements of American culture that students encounter in everyday life both as part of the residential curriculum and a specialized mentorship program.

Amerigo students also have expansive opportunities to explore American life at their high school and beyond. In addition to sports, fine arts, and extracurriculars, Amerigo plans multiple events to further our students’ understanding of American life and customs. We also encourage students to share their own cultures with each other and their classmates so that the entire school community can benefit.

Character & Values

Values for success

Students learn the ins-and-outs of America with structured support and mentorship.

At school, in university, and in life. We strive to nurture not only the student’s mind, but also their heart and spirit.

We recognize the responsibility that our students' families are bestowing upon us. The development of strong character and values is paramount to our obligation as teachers and mentors to our students. Our program focuses on instilling values that will sustain their personal fulfillment and help position them as upstanding members of their communities.

We work with our partner schools to ensure that we take a consistent and collaborative approach that is aligned with the school mission and values.

English Language Acquisition

Mastering the English language

Our program provides tailored support in each student’s journey of learning English.

Student achievement relies significantly on an ability to speak and write in the English language at an advanced level. Each campus has an English Language Learning (ELL) instructor and resources that will work with students both in the classroom as well as after school and on weekends.

Additionally, the Amerigo residential environment is maintained as a 24/7 learning space, with the expectation that every moment of their experience represents an opportunity to build fluency and comfort.

Service-Based Learning

Direct connection to American communities

Each Amerigo community works together to identify a service-based learning project.

The service-learning program offers a multi-stage model that allows students to learn about the needs of their community, understand challenges that the community faces, and ultimately make a meaningful impact through hands-on experiences.

These programs range in focus and scope – from environmental service at organic farms to programs to fundraising projects for national charitable organizations to language-based mentorship programs to aide younger English learners. Our program is designed to provide ample opportunity for students to develop leadership skills in global citizenship, and immerse themselves deeply in American communities.

Safety & Security

Our highest priority

Across all of our programs, we ensure that our students are kept safe at all times.

Each residential facility is staffed 24/7 by members of our residential life team and equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to protect against any risk to their safety. In addition, Amerigo maintains rigorous preparedness standards to ensure that our team is prepared to handle the wide variety of issues that occur in the life of an adolescent.

Parents will have 24/7 access via telephone and email to Amerigo residential staff and will receive regular updates on student progress to ensure that they are up to date on the lives of their children.