Living in Vancouver 

Enjoy life in Vancouver, one of the world’s Most Livable Cities, with incredible nature beauty and welcoming, diverse people. Upon arriving at Regent Christian Academy, international students are immediately embraced as part of the school community, while taking part in a variety of extracurriculars in and outside of the classroom.  

International Student Support 

Our international students will have full support from our on-campus team who are available to assist with the needs of international students. Our team is focused on enriching the experience of international students and ensuring they succeed in their academics while enjoying their time in Canada. 

Regent Christian Academy Homestay Program

There’s no better way to fully experience Canadian culture than living with a host family, and the bonds students build will last long after they have finished school. Many international students continue to keep in touch with their host families for years after they graduate, and even return to visit for holidays!  

Our homestay program includes:  

  • Comfortable, safe homestays that are in proximity to the school. Hosts provide transportation to and from the school daily. 

  • Students will have a bedroom, including a dresser, desk and closet. Host families will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on school days, and three meals per day on weekends. 

  • Students will participate in activities periodically which will show them the area and allow them to enjoy the Canadian culture. 

  • ESL classes and after school tutoring sessions are provided based on each student’s proficiency level. 

Safety is always the #1 one priority for our students. All host families undergo a rigorous application and screening process to ensure they are a good candidate to host.