Partnering with high performing college preparatory high schools to develop student diversity and further global education.

Amerigo High School Partnership

We provide a complete experience tailored to the needs of each individual student. We deliver ongoing support through comprehensive English language training, university counseling, and cultural immersion opportunities all within a structured and protective setting. Daily life is anchored by our residential dormitories where students build lasting friendships and enjoy new experiences every day. We ensure international students thrive and achieve their academic goals, a commitment supported by the Amerigo Promise—our pledge to provide a clear path to selective American universities.

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High School Partners

We have partnered with several high schools around the country to develop and implement the Amerigo program and are seeking to build a strong cohort of strategic partners who want to move all students down the path to global education. Our goal is to establish nurturing and trusted relationships with families, schools, and recruiting partners to deliver quality student outcomes and a high level of student satisfaction.

In our increasingly international world, we believe that global learning communities create life-altering opportunities for students. We are committed to creating extraordinary experiences for students while cultivating environments that champion growth and foster accomplishment. Our team does more than place students. We invest in their success.

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