Our culture is powered by knowledge and values with job and career expertise across areas of education and other industries, and a shared commitment to an openness and candor, a spirit of teamwork, and a belief in serving students above all.


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Our Growing Team

We are veterans of education who recognize the need to become more globally inclusive and the increasing demand around the world of families looking for high-quality education for their children. What makes us different is our approach. From the beginning, Amerigo has embraced the challenge of creating a superior student experience that provides a consistent level of support to all of students, building on the best of education's tried-and-true past while also embracing innovation to look toward its future. To achieve this, we have built a team powered by knowledge and values with expertise across all areas of education and a shared commitment to an open and candid culture, a spirit of teamwork, and an emphasis on the needs of students above all.


As an organization we are defined by our values: they guide our decision-making and actions, influence how we work together, and inform how we build a shared culture. 


  • Put students before all else
  • Lend a helping hand to one in need
  • Learn from one another


  • Think and act as a stakeholder
  • Journey together, weather storms together, celebrate together
  • Be actively curious and open to new ideas


  • Drive discussions forward by challenging each other
  • Be open and forthright with your colleagues
  • Hold each other accountable in your work

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