Villanova College International Student Team

Villanova College supports international students through on-site staff and robust services. 

Provincial Director: The Provincial Director oversees each international student's time at the school. The Director works closely with the students teachers and host family to help ensure the student is healthy, happy and thriving. They will also oversee a monthly field trip. 

ESL Teacher: International students take part in Villanova College's robust English Learning Program, where they receive lessons specially tailored to their abilities. Students can also use the ESL Teacher as a resource to receive additional homework help in their other classes. 

Student Support Counselor: The Student Support Counselor works closely with students to ensure that they're thriving academically and emotionally. They support all facets of the students life, including helping the student with any issues in school, any emotional issues that arise and also with university applications.

University Guidance Advisor: International students work closely with University Guidance Advisors who help students through every aspect of the university admissions process - including exclusive webinars university selection and application assistance.