Aug 24, 2021

What Happens In An Orientation Week For International Students?

Eli Finkelstein, 3rd year student at Northwestern University, interned with Amerigo during the 2021 Summer. As part of his internship, he spent a week on the Amerigo Los Angeles campus learning about student operations and supporting the Orientation Week. Here he shares his insights.

During my summer internship, I had the opportunity to travel to the Amerigo Los Angeles to work with the Campus Operations Team as they welcomed arriving students. With students traveling to campus from around the world, it was all hands on deck to ensure that everyone had a seamless arrival for the new school year.

Here’s what students can expect when arriving on their Amerigo campus:

Airport arrivals

As students arrive, they’re met at the airport by friendly Amerigo staff, who help with luggage and drive students to the residences. There, they’re greeted by welcoming smiles and orientation schedules for the upcoming week. After getting checked-in, students are taken to their apartments, which will be their home for the upcoming year!

What happens in an orientation week for international students

Students safety

At Amerigo, student safety is taken very seriously. In addition to a keypad lock on each door, each apartment has its own security system, including an alarm and active camera that monitors the front door. At around 10:30 PM , Amerigo staff conduct a bed checks to account for every student and arm all security systems. Amerigo Campus Coordinators actually live on residence with the students, so there is always an adult available.

Due to COVID-19, Amerigo follows strict health and safety protocols to care for each student. If a student is not vaccinated, they will undergo a 3–5-day quarantine period in their apartment. During quarantine, Amerigo team members provide the students with everything that they need - including meals, snacks, drinks, toiletries, and more. After the quarantine period, students receives an on-site COVID-19 test. Once the student secures a negative test, they can leave quarantine and participate in Amerigo activities.

Students residence

What happens in an orientation week for international students

The Amerigo Los Angeles residence is a beautiful apartment building located just 5 minutes away from school. Each student apartment has furniture for lounging, studying, eating, and sleeping. In addition to individual rooms, the apartment complex has amenities including a pool, gym, basketball and tennis courts, lounge areas, and much more.

The apartment complex is a short walk away from a grocery store, pharmacy, and several restaurants. Students can check out with an Amerigo team member on duty to go to any of these places in groups of two or more. There are also frequent group trips to grocery stores and large retail stores in the area. On the weekends, students take part in fun planned activities like trips to the beach, Warner Bros Studios, parks, and more.

What happens in an orientation week for international students

Orientation activities

During Orientation Week, students are receive information they need to succeed at an American high school. The orientation includes placement tests for English and mathematics, school rules and procedures, technology updates, school and residence tours, acculturation training and more.

Amerigo also ensures that every student is prepared for the school year with computers, books, class schedules, and any summer assignments that need to be completed. Amerigo team members provide abundant academic, social, and emotional support to our students. After this comprehensive welcome, students are finally ready to start their American school experience!

What happens in an orientation week for international students

It was a pleasure meeting so many of our wonderful students and staff members on the Amerigo Los Angeles campus. The students are ready for a safe school year filled with learning, fun, and growth. If you want to learn more about Amerigo or any of our wonderful campuses, you can find more information here.