Apr 11, 2021

Architecture Internship for International Students | Amerigo EDU

Ever dreamt of being an architect? No matter how fast the world is changing, architecture is a very popular major for international students, thanks to good employment prospects after graduation with internships. In fact, architecture is ranked as 10th best entry-level job, out of 109 professions surveyed (ArchDaily).

The most popular architectural majors that students usually choose in university are Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Environmental Design, and Landscape Architecture. But do you really understand the requirements to be enrolled in a highly-ranked undergraduate architecture program in the U.S.?

In addition to the basic application materials, such as transcript and standard tests, most schools have extra requirements for architecture major applicants. How can high school students differentiate themselves from other applicants when applying to a selective university to study architecture? A strong recommendation letter and an impressive portfolio are the key points. But how can a high school student get this opportunity to be exposed to the architecture industry? In Torrance (near Los Angeles), California, students at Bishop Montgomery High School do not need to worry about this.

The Architecture-Construction-Engineering program for aspiring high school students

Starting in the 2016-2017 school year, Bishop Montgomery High School has partnered with Del Amo Construction Company to create the ACE (Architecture-Construction-Engineering) program, providing students with shadowing opportunities alongside some of the top architects in the world.

Del Amo Construction Company was founded in 1968 and is a very well-known in Los Angeles, California. The company has successfully designed and built:

✨ California Institute of Technology Linde and Robinson Library, Graduate Space Museum and Dabney College of Humanities

✨ The VKC Library and Seeley G. Mudd Laboratory, University of Southern California

✨ The renovation of Claremont McKenna College’s dormitory

✨ La Union Station

✨ Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel

✨ Chase Bank, Los Angeles branch

✨ Whole Foods Market

By participating in the program, ACE students are assigned with industry mentors in groups. Each group simulates a real-world design team configuration. The architectural mentors, engineering mentors, and management mentors guide students through projects to learn industry vocabulary and initiate their career planning.

Architecture Internship for International Students - Amerigo Education

The ACE group will have 15 two-hour meetings throughout the year to discuss communication completion projects, usually held between 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. after classes end for the day. Students are assigned to field trips to the Del Amo site while learning the basics of construction engineering. This is definitely a rare opportunity for high school students!

Architecture Internship for International Students - Amerigo Education

At the end of the project each year, students will complete exhibitions and report on the site through theoretical knowledge absorbed in the classroom and experience accumulated on the construction site.

Real-life experience and achievements by students at BMHS

In 2018 , Bishop Montgomery High School ACE Group designed an open-space student center for the school and presented their work to their mentors and other industry leaders from the company. The students used their creativity to build a very detailed and sophisticated structure. It is hard to imagine that this work was built by high school students!

Architecture Internship for International Students - Amerigo Education

Kate Kim is an Amerigo student from South Korea at Bishop Montgomery High School. She is now a 11th grader at the school with a GPA of 4.0. Katie actively participates in volunteer activities under the guidance of Amerigo, and she is also a member of the school ACE club. Katie was nominated by the school to become a member of the California Scholarship Federation and will be eligible for a scholarship in future university applications.

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