Below is a current list of eligible, participating students in the Amerigo Honors Track. These students have met the rigorous academic standards needed to earn invitation into the Amerigo Honors Track. Additionally, these students are actively participating in the program and fully engaged, including meeting regularly with Amerigo’s Director of University Advising.

The students below comprise the current Honors Track eligible and participating students. To remain eligible for the Amerigo Honors Track scholarship of up to $15,000 senior year, students are required to participate fully and maintain academic eligibility criteria each year.


Amerigo Twin Cities 
Arsenii P., Class of 2023
Anthony H., Class of 2022
David J., Class of 2022
Iris X., Class of 2022
Teresa W., Class of 2022


Amerigo North Shore
Yujin S., Class of 2023
Haihan W., Class of 2024
Aiden K., Class of 2023
Cathrina L., Class of 2022
Deimos T., Class of 2023
Dory L., Class of 2023


Amerigo New Jersey
Sanhwi P., Class of 2023
Kseniia K., Class of 2023
Ngoc Minh K., Class of 2023
Val M., Class of 2023


Amerigo Houston  
Annie L., Class of 2024
Suby M., Class of 2024


Amerigo San Diego
Carrie L., Class of 2022
Homare K., Class of 2024
Tsubasa K., Class of 2023
Yoonhoo L., Class of 2023
Amy P., Class of 2023
Floria L., Class of 2023
Mia H., Class of 2024
Nancy G., Class of 2023


Amerigo Los Angeles
Alice N., Class of 2023
Ilya M., Class of 2023
Sarah G., Class of 2023
Tomiris Y., Class of 2023


Amerigo Napa Valley
Louis H., Class of 2024
Matthew Z., Class of 2022
Andy Y., Class of 2024
Crystal W., Class of 2023