Our Integrated Approach

Our Program

The Amerigo Success Framework is designed to ensure that our studying abroad students thrive from the time of enrollment through the day they matriculate at university. The foundations of this program stem from our deep understanding of the many factors that contribute to preparing a child for success at the university level. We strive to support these aims and enhance all aspects of our students’ lives with close attention and support.

Our Campuses

Amerigo offers campus locations across the United States and Canada to meet the needs of each student and your unique interests. We believe that in order for you to excel and pursue your dreams, you need to learn and live in an environment that supports your academic, emotional, and social needs. At Amerigo you'll find a place to build strong relationships with trusted adults that look after you and peers who grow alongside you. 


The Amerigo Promise

An Amerigo education provides students with the enriching experiences and academic tools that inspire confidence — both within themselves and from the universities they pursue. Through our partnerships with selective universities, every Amerigo student will receive a letter of conditional acceptance to an Amerigo University Partner. Students in good academic standing upon graduation from the Amerigo program will have a clear path to college enrollment through our university partners. The University Network is a growing consortium of premier higher education institutions who share Amerigo's commitment to an international community, cross-cultural exchange, and student achievement.

What We Do

We provide a holistic, premium, and safe study abroad experience for international high school students. Our integrated approach includes education, excellence, and engagement. We ensure collegiate and university success, foster a rich residential and social atmosphere, and offer expansive opportunities for our students to explore American life.

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What We Believe

We believe that success at an American boarding high school requires not only strong academic opportunities, but also a supportive environment outside of the classroom. Our team brings expertise from across American education to deliver an individual-focused boarding school experience with the goals of excellent academic outcomes and exceptional student satisfaction.