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2017 Winner’s Circle

Welcome to Amerigo.

At Amerigo, we do things differently. When we set out to design our new global headquarters in Chicago, we did it with two primary objectives in mind – utilize elements that reflect our core business of educating international high school students, and create a space that allows our team to operate at their best. The Amerigo internal design team was able to accomplish that and more.

When you enter our space, you’ll immediately be greeted by our entrance sign. This striking sign was created using 4,832 individually rolled pieces of paper and took more than 72-man hours to install. Paper is a foundational element of education, and this humble tool is used by all students in their earliest stages of learning to write on, to draw on, or to read off. Each piece of paper was uniquely rolled and placed in our sign, representing the individuality and diversity of our students who come together from around the world to create a vibrant Amerigo campus community.

At Amerigo, we do things differently.

We developed the vision for our office and selected the finishes and furniture for the 4,000-square foot space ourselves AND kept within our budget of $200,000 for the entire buildout. Our internal Amerigo design team consulted design partners for their opinion on the selections but everything was firstly chosen by us. That way, we knew it would embody our spirit and reflect Amerigo’s primary mission.

Amerigo was the first West Elm Workspace installation in Chicago

Amerigo was the first West Elm Workspace installation in Chicago and is currently the only West Elm Workspace benching installation in Chicago creating a functional workspace for our 20+ staff members. Throughout our space, you’ll see and experience elements that remind you of your days in school. Red gym lockers inject color, chalkboards disguise closets, a chemistry inspired sign displays our name and globe pendant lights keep our core business objectives top of mind.

We like each other !

We like each other (!) so we work at chemistry-inspired tabletops together. Our open office layout encourages daily team interaction for staff members at all levels and can also transition to an event space after hours. Glass-enclosed offices and conference rooms provide privacy for meetings while still making our space feel open and inclusive. The three offices feature one of Amerigo’s core values – mentor, voyager and candor – in red neon suspended on the wall.

Sophisticated Library Retreat

Reminiscent of an admission office, our sophisticated library provides an intimate setting for conversation or quiet reflection. Inviting soft leather chairs encourage employees and visitors to relax and reflect upon their days and experiences as a student. Warm wooden shelves intermix spirit wear from our partner schools with personal artifacts and books by renown authors and philosophers.

Flexible Work Spaces

Warm wood accents, unexpected shapes and strategic use of greenery provide contrast to the industrial looking polished concrete floors, metal accents and exposed ductwork. Every space and surface was carefully selected to be as functional and flexible as possible. Glass enclosing the offices double as whiteboards and chalkboard doors disguise coat closets, providing a platform for creative expression, communication and brainstorming.

Crain’s Coolest Office
2017 Winner’s Circle

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