Amerigo Education provides our graduates with guaranteed acceptance into a Top 50 U.S. University through the Amerigo Agreement. Our Top 50 guarantee is available to any student who meets the ongoing criteria for the Honors Track program, and fulfills their duties as laid out in the Amerigo Agreement. 

Top 50 Guarantee

Amerigo has a proven track record of supporting international students to achieve their goal of acceptance to Top U.S. Universities. We are so confident in our award-winning Comprehensive Boarding Model and University Advantage program, and so committed to our students' futures, that we guarantee our students admission into a Top 50 University via the Amerigo Agreement. The Amerigo Agreement is available to any student who meets the minimum qualifying criteria. 

The Agreement

Through the Amerigo Agreement, Amerigo pledges to provide our students with exclusive opportunities to take part in high-level academic and university guidance, university tours, daily English language learning and academic support during and after school hours, weekly sessions with industry experts and admissions officers, summer programs at top schools, including the University of Chicago and Stanford University, and much more.

In return, the student pledges to meet our entry requirements, take part in extracurricular activities and leadership roles, meet deadlines and maintain a strong academic standing. 

Scholarship Opportunities

As part of the Amerigo Agreement, we also provide scholarship opportunities to our top-performing students. To celebrate their achievements, if they are admitted to and attend a Top 30 U.S. University or a Top 10 Liberal Arts College, they will receive a $15,000 scholarship towards their university tuition.