Amerigo provides the link between potential and achievement. We believe that through the best preparatory education, the university possibilities are endless.

Advance to University with Amerigo

Each student's journey to a top American university requires a unique approach. Amerigo focuses on each student's goals to help them achieve the future they envision. We shape our program around the individual students we serve — from course planning to mentorship, career discovery, and university advising. Ensuring collegiate and university success is our mission, and our partnerships with the Amerigo University Network allow us to make university entrance a core promise to our students.

Prepare for Your Future

The Amerigo University Advantage is a unique, four-year advisory program designed to enhance each student's competitiveness when applying to top U.S. universities. Each student works with a dedicated Amerigo University Guidance Advisor to build exposure to U.S. universities and assist with all aspects of the university planning and application process. The Amerigo University Advantage program is specialized for international students studying at high schools in the U.S. and prepares each student to apply to and be accepted at highly selective universities.

The Amerigo University Network

An Amerigo education provides students with the enriching experiences and academic tools that inspire confidence — both within themselves and from the universities they pursue. Amerigo has established relationships with select U.S. universities, including top-100 institutions, to provide you with a clear path to your future success through university application, acceptance and enrollment.



1.26.22 - Parent/Student Webinar: Top 30 US Admission Post-COVID

Earning admission to a U.S. top 30 university requires a deep understanding of holistic admission and the way international student applications are reviewed. In this session, we will look at the importance of academic rigor, English proficiency testing, and financial documentation in international applicant evaluation. 



2.9.22 - Junior Parent Webinar: Making a Plan for University Admission

Second semester of junior year and the summer holiday between junior and senior year provide an ideal opportunity to work on application essays, build a university list, and begin working on applications. In this session, we will help parents and students envision a plan for tackling this work in the time available between junior year and university application deadlines.  


2.16.22 - Sophomore and Freshman Parent Webinar: How Wise 9th and 10th Graders Prepare for University

The greatest successes come from making a thoughtful plan. In this session, we will discuss the importance of the early years in high school – academic, social, personal, and extracurricular. We invite the parents of Amerigo’s current 9th and 10th graders to join us for this informative session! 


2.23.22 - Study in Canada Information Session, Hosted by Corpus Christi College in British Columbia

If you are thinking about applying to university in Canada, this session is for you! We will learn more about what Canada is such an amazing country for university students, as well as tips for completing your best Canadian university application. 


September 2021

MARCH 2022

3.6.22 - Essay Writing Course: The Resume

Applying to top universities in the U.S. means sharing more about yourself than just your grades and career aspirations. The way students spend their time outside of the classroom is deeply important to holistic application review. In this course, students will learn the purpose of an extended student resume, compare different resume examples, and then create a resume of their own. One live session will be hosted at the posted time. Registered students can watch the recorded lesson if they are unable to attend the live session.  

3 PM EST - Optional College-Prep Course

3.16.22 - Amerigo University Network Webinar 

Join us to hear from six of Amerigo’s University Network members and learn about life as a student on their campuses. We will be joined by Illinois Institute of Technology, Marquette, Miami Ohio University, Baylor, and Bucknell. 


3.23.22 - $cholarship and Aid for International Students 

In this session, we will discuss the complicated nature of scholarship and aid for international students applying for university admission in the U.S. We will also provide students with important information about the Amerigo University Network and scholarship opportunities. 


October 2021

APRIL 2022

4.3.22, 4.6.22, 4.10.22 - Essay Writing Course: The Personal Statement Series

Writing the personal statement is one of the most complex and important pieces of U.S. holistic application review. It requires the student to share important information about who they are, what matters to them, and why they are ready for higher education. Starting on January 30th, Amerigo’s Director of University Advising will host a three-part Personal Statement Writing Course to get students brainstorming, drafting, and revising. One live session will be hosted for each session at the posted time. Registered students can watch the recorded lesson if they are unable to attend the live session.  

4.3.22, 3 PM EST - Optional College-Prep Course

4.6.22, 7 PM EST - Optional College-Prep Course 

4.10.22, 3 PM EST - Optional College-Prep Course

MAY 2022

5.1.22 - Essayist  Writing Course: The "Why Major" Essay

A common supplement question in U.S. university applications is called the “Why Major” essay. Often shorter than the personal statement, the “Why Major” essay is small but mighty. In this course, students will learn the purpose of this essay along with tips for brainstorming, outlining, and drafting it. One live session will be hosted at the posted time. Registered students can watch the recorded lesson if they are unable to attend the live session.  

3 PM EST - Optional College-Prep Course 

5.11.22 - Parent Webinar: Class of 2022 College Admissions Results 

Please join us for the final Amerigo University Advantage webinar of the 2021-2022 school year where we will celebrate the admission successes of the Class of 2022 and share any admission trends developing in the United States university application process.