Amerigo provides the link between potential and achievement. We believe that through the best preparatory education, the university possibilities are endless.

Advance to University with Amerigo

Each student's journey to a top American university requires a unique approach. Amerigo focuses on each student's goals to help them achieve the future they envision. We shape our program around the individual students we serve — from course planning to mentorship, career discovery, and university advising. Ensuring collegiate and university success is our mission, and our partnerships with the Amerigo University Network allow us to make university entrance a core promise to our students.

Prepare for Your Future

The Amerigo University Advantage is a unique, four-year advisory program designed to enhance each student's competitiveness when applying to top U.S. universities. Each student works with a dedicated Amerigo University Guidance Advisor to build exposure to U.S. universities and assist with all aspects of the university planning and application process. The Amerigo University Advantage program is specialized for international students studying at high schools in the U.S. and prepares each student to apply to and be accepted at highly selective universities.

The Amerigo University Network

An Amerigo education provides students with the enriching experiences and academic tools that inspire confidence — both within themselves and from the universities they pursue. Amerigo has established relationships with select U.S. universities, including top-100 institutions, to provide you with a clear path to your future success through university application, acceptance and enrollment.


August 2021


UC PIQ WritingSeminar @ 9PM Eastern

Senior Parent College Planning Webinar @ 6AM & 6PM Eastern

8.30.21 $cholarship & Aid forInternational Students @8PM Eastern

September 2021

September 2021


9.9,9.16,9.23,9.30 Four-partPersonal Statement WritingSeminar @ 7PM Eastern

9.16.21 Amerigo UniversityNetwork Webinar @ 8PMEastern

9.22.21 Junior Parent CollegePlanning Webinar @ 6AM &6PM Eastern

9.27.21 $cholarship & Aid forInternational Students @7AMEastern

October 2021

October 2021


10.6.21 Part one of JuniorMajor Series @ 7PM Eastern

10.13.21 Filling out theCommon App @ 8-10PMEastern&Part two of Junior MajorSeries @ 7PM Eastern

10.14.21 Highly SelectiveUniversity Webinar @ 8PMEastern

10.20.21 Sophomore &Freshman Parent CollegePlanning Webinar @ 6AM &6PM Eastern

10.25.21 $cholarship & Aid forInternational Students @ 8PMEastern

10.27.21 Filling out theUniversity of CaliforniaApplication @ 8-10PM&Part three of Junior MajorSeries @ 7PM Eastern

December 2021

November 2021


11.3.21 Part four of JuniorMajor Series @ 7PM Eastern

11.10.21 Part five of JuniorMajor Series @ 7PM Eastern

11.18.21 Amerigo UniversityNetwork Webinar @ 8PMEastern


December 2021


12.8.21 Parent/StudentWebinar: How to Next LevelYour Extracurricular Activities& How to Plan a MeaningfulSummer @ 7PM Eastern

January 2022

January 2022*


1.1.22 Parent/StudentWebinar: Holistic and HighlySelective Admission

January to April - Ongoingprogram called "Where I Wentto University"


February 2022*


2.1.22 Junior Parent Webinar:Making a Plan for UniversityAdmission

2.1.22 Sophomore & FreshmanParent Webinar: How Wise9th & 10th Prepare forUniversity

2.1.22 Junior Essay WritingSeries: What to Write &Where!



March 2022

March 2022*


3.1.22 Amerigo UniversityNetwork Webinar

3.1.22 Four part JuniorPersonal Statement WritingSeries


April 2022*


4.1.22 Amerigo UniversityNetwork Webinar

4.1.22 Four part JuniorPersonal Statement WritingSeries


May 2022*


5.1.22 Parent Webinar Classof 2022 University AdmissionResults


*Dates and times for second semester events TBD