School Facts

A great education requires more than just a seat in the classroom. At Villanova College, students have access to the tools, resources and people that open the door to a limitless future. 

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    346 Total Students (for Grades 9-12)

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    100% university acceptance - and 98% of students are admitted to their top choice school and top choice program

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    1:8 Faculty-to-Student Ratio

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    90+ College Prep Courses and 9 AP Courses offered

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    Championship-Winning Athletic Teams

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    Exclusive, application-based four-year academic STEM enrichment program

  • Science lab Icon

    Brand-new advanced engineering lab and fully-equipped science and computer classrooms

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    Advanced athletic facilities, including a 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art triple gymnasium, a fitness center and a 200m indoor running track 

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    Beautiful 53-acre campus, with a private lake, scenic running trails, forest, farmland and more 

Advanced Facilities

Located on a beautiful campus just a short drive away from Toronto, the Villanova College campus offers students spacious, modern facilities where they can pursue their interest and grow into well-rounded adults ready for life in university and beyond. Villanova College offers students an incredible athletic facility with a 17,000 square-foot triple gymnasium, a 200m indoor running track, a fitness center, choir and band facilities and more. In addition, students take classes in beautiful, brightly-lit classrooms and advanced science and engineering labs, where students gain hands-on experience.