Q: What kind of attention will my child get in the dorm environment from Amerigo staff?

A: Our Amerigo dorm staff work around-the-clock to ensure that your child is thriving. We focus on their academic, social, and personal development and we maintain regular communication with parents to ensure that they are tracking their child’s progress. It also means that our dorm parents show up to support your child at after school activities such as sporting events, music concerts, etc. In addition, the Dorm Parents provide guidance, mentorship, nurturing care and support.

Q: My child is in grade 6 and considering attending a middle school in the U.S. – is 13 years old too young to send them abroad?

A: Absolutely not! By attending middle school in the U.S., your child has a head-start when it comes to understanding America’s education system and culture. This means that when they enter 9th grade at an American high school, they will already be acclimated and will be set up to succeed right from the beginning.

Q: My child has never been to the U.S. before. How will Amerigo help them understand the culture and become comfortable living in the U.S.?

A: Helping your child acclimate to American culture is one of Amerigo’s top priorities. Throughout the school year, Amerigo takes students on a variety of cultural trips – ranging from short weekend trips to local destinations to chaperoned trips over Thanksgiving break and Spring break.  This year, students went to Washington D.C. and attended a leadership seminar in Orlando, Florida.  In addition, our dorm staff ensures that your student is comfortable at their new school, making friends and thriving.

Q: My child’s English is not perfect. Will that be a problem in school?

A: At Amerigo, we require that every student is proficient in English, but we also understand that learning the English language is an ongoing process. We provide an English Language Learning (ELL) instructor who meets with students both in and out of school, and offers one-on-one support and hands-on activities. In addition, students are required to speak English in the dorms, making every moment a learning opportunity.

Q: Since my child is so young, I’m worried about them fitting in with the U.S. education system. Will Amerigo communicate with parents on a regular basis?

A: Yes, we regularly communicate with parents, through both social media platforms (including WeChat and Facebook) and email. Parents receive monthly progress reports that provide details on your child’s development and progress. Our dorm staff is also available for any questions or concerns that you may have.

Q: If my child gets sick, will someone be available to take care of them?

A: Yes – if your child becomes ill or otherwise unable to attend school, they will be taken care of by our attentive, nurturing dorm staff. If professional medical care is needed, our dorm staff will seek help immediately.

Q: What kind of features are in place to ensure my child is safe and sound?

A: At Amerigo Lexington, your student will receive round-the-clock supervision from live-in dorm parents, who manage the living quarters, supervise the students and ensure that your child is happy, healthy, confident and well-supported. This includes everything from providing homework help to making sure that your child is eating well-balanced meals to providing emotional support and guidance. We have also equipped the dorm with top-of-the-line security technology, including integrated security cameras, sensors on bedroom doors so we can detect if students are out of bed in the night, software that keeps a close tab on every child’s whereabouts and phone applications that track children’s location at all times.

Q: What are the dorms like?

A: Our Amerigo Lexington dorm is on a safe campus community. Students have access to state-of-the-art campus facilities, including a dining hall, library and athletic center. Your student will live with other students in the same age range. Students typically share a bedroom with one other student of the same gender, and share a bathroom with three other students of the same gender. There are also common areas for all Amerigo students to study, relax and socialize with their friends. Our dorm staff ensures that students follow a daily schedule that includes time to eat meals in the dining hall, mandatory study time and strictly-enforced bedtimes. On weekends, there is a healthy mix of free time and field trips.