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    30-acre park-like campus

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    Founded in 1980

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    Dual enrollment programs for university credit

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    Athletic teams open to international students immediately 

Student Life

Life at Amerigo Boca Raton is structured around opportunities for students to deepen their learning, engage their passions, and develop life-long friendships with their peers. Students are emboldened by a wide variety of choices in extracurricular and co-curricular activities including high student participation, involvement in the award winning Fine Arts program, in addition to nearly 20 extracurricular clubs including Art Club, Math Club, Science Club, Student Government, and TV Production Club.

The School Day

Amerigo Boca Raton students experience robust, enriching and intellectually fulfilling days. Weekdays are filled with academics, extracurricular activities and English language learning support while the weekends are filled with fun and interesting activities, opportunities for recreation, and rest and relaxation.

Parent Communications

The Amerigo Boca Raton team provides regular communications to the student’s network including their Agents, parents and/or guardians. The communications provide regular updates about the student’s academic and social progress along with a monthly calendar of dorm and school activities. The Director of Campus Operations will also communicate with parents and Agents on an as needed basis to discuss student successes as well as health, discipline or behavioral issues.

Residential Life Program

The Amerigo Boca Raton residential life program ensures students have the resources they need to achieve personal, academic, and cultural success. Students are surrounded by professionally trained Amerigo staff that are invested in each student's success including:

Campus Coordinators

  • Head of the student's residence and primary person responsible for each student
  • Lives within the residence and maintains a safe, healthy living and learning environment
  • Provides holistic oversight of students and tracks academic progress, social behaviors, cultural acclimation, health and emotional well-being

English Language Learning (ELL) Instructor

  • Leads ELL activities several times per week
  • Closely tracks each student's English language skills and development
  • Resource for any English language related questions

Director of Campus Operations

  • Provides a safe, healthy, dynamic, productive and fun student experience
  • Oversees all residential staff and the ELL instructor
  • Develops relationships with all students and is an available resource