Amerigo Leads Chinese Students on the Path to Global Education

BEIJING, November 12, 2018 – Key representatives from Amerigo Education visited Beijing on November 12 to host an in-depth roundtable discussion introducing its integrated program for Chinese international students seeking a United States high school education, emphasizing Amerigo’s commitment to nurturing academic achievement and providing new solutions for the increasing demands for studying abroad. 

While a growing number of young students plan to study abroad in pursuit of quality education opportunities, Chinese students are limited to private high schools or traditional boarding schools which have limited recruitment quotas. Thus, many students select the homestay model which also poses a number of problems and inconsistencies.

“Amerigo provides integrated and comprehensive solutions to the problems and challenges Chinese students face when studying abroad. From comfortable and secure living environments, to trained and professional staff present at all times, the Amerigo model offers a full-service boarding community that maximizes the study abroad experience through a holistic approach,” said Craig Pines, Chief Executive Officer at Amerigo.
For the past year, Amerigo has been dedicated to working with Chinese students seeking a quality American high school education. With first year successes showing 100% of Amerigo students scoring a 3 of higher on their AP examinations, a 3.85 Amerigo median cumulative GPA, and 90% of Amerigo students achieving Honor Roll, Amerigo’s holistic approaches and integrated program are proven to result in outstanding outcomes. 

The Amerigo model provides students with the enriching experiences and academic tools that inspire confidence, from a convenient application process, comfortable and safe living environments with Amerigo staff present at all times, to hands-on academic support and university guidance. Immersive English language learning programs and an array of extracurricular activities are also key aspects to the experience because the most selective universities evaluate how well-rounded students are in addition to their performance inside the classroom.

Studying at high school in the United States offers an alternative experience with a strong focus on college preparation, a competitive environment that motivates students, and a smaller average class size that encourage more engagement and attention between teachers and students. 

Parents and students may choose from a selection of nine campus options throughout the United States, with campuses in Chicago, Chicago North shore, Lexington, Maryland, Napa Valley, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Twin Cities and Boca Raton – each with outstanding academic programs and distinctly influenced by the city’s cultural locale.

Joining the roundtable discussion in Beijing was Alicia Valdivia, Director of Admissions at the Napa Valley Campus. “We strongly believe that happy, healthy, and confident students are successful students,” said Alicia. “The Amerigo team all share a commitment to an open and candid culture, a spirit of teamwork, and an emphasis to ensuring successful outcomes for every student.”
Amerigo also has an extensive university network that includes prestigious names including Baylor University, Loyola University Chicago, University of New Hampshire, and more. Amerigo’s University Advantage Program is a unique, four-year advisory program designed to enhance students’ competitiveness as they apply to top U.S. universities. 

Understanding the needs of Chinese students as they enter an unfamiliar environment facing different cultures, Amerigo gains increasing recognition for bridging the gap and ensuring a seamless transition and integration into the US education system so that parents feel confident that their children will receive a positive and successful study abroad experience.

About Amerigo Education    
Amerigo supports international students at premier U.S. high schools with a holistic and supportive approach that emphasizes excellent academic outcomes. We help international students seeking a preparatory education in the United States thrive both in and out of the American classroom. Combining a nurturing boarding environment, supplemental academic support, English language development, and an approach oriented around successful college outcomes, Amerigo prepares students with the skills, values, and care required to succeed in high school, at the university level, and beyond. For more information, visit